According to a study conducted by the Ponemon Institute in 2018, the human factor in 18.7% of cases was the cause of data breaches.[1]

If for ordinary employees of the organization the risks of information leakage can be minimized by strict differentiation of access rights, then control over the actions of privileged users remains not a trivial task. In addition, when investigating information security incidents, it is required to collect evidence based on the intentional or unintentional actions of a particular user, including employees of the contractor’s company performing work on the information resources of the organization that led to the incident.

Along with this, business needs a tool to increase the productivity of employees, control the quality of their tasks at each stage of the production cycle, as well as minimize their use of organizational resources for personal purposes. What becomes especially relevant in the context of the transfer of workers to a remote mode of work.

To control the actions of employees, we offer you to choose solutions for you based on your needs.