Design and implementation of information security systems

Dear partners and customers! We are glad to inform you that Artsoft has started business in Turkey. Since March 2022, our office has been opened in Turkey, in Istanbul. Activities in Turkey are carried out on behalf of the Turkish company ARTSOFT TR YAZILIM VE SIBER GÜVENLIK HIZMETLERI TICARET LiMiTED SIRKETI. Despite the fact that in Russia activities are carried out on behalf of the Artsoft company of the same name, affiliated through the founder – an individual – a Russian citizen, ARTSOFT TR YAZILIM VE SIBER GÜVENLIK HIZMETLERI TICARET LiMiTED SIRKETI does not delivery of any products and services to Russia.


The company’s results for 2020-2021

Artsoft is a new ambitious player in the information security market. Established in mid-2020, in the midst of the first lockdowns, Artsoft has positioned itself

Protection against leaks of confidential information

Monitoring of employee actions


Business application protection


Artsoft is a system integrator in the field of corporate security. We specialize in comprehensive protection of information and customer infrastructure facilities. Our company employs the best specialists in the field of information protection, engineering and technical means of protection, consultants in the field of law, regulating activities in the field of corporate protection.


Artsoft provides security consulting services, protection system design, implementation of protection equipment and corporate protection subsystems, as well as technical support for such systems.